VISIONMILL is a state-of-the -art film and television production company, with award-winning production crews traveling the globe to gather stunning images and extraordinary stories. Whether producing television series, documentaries, feature films, commercials, corporate presentations or new media content, all of our work is captured in Full resolution, broadcast quality, Hi-Definition.

Visionmill creates programming for international as well as North American markets and is a globally recognized specialist in creating one off video content and ongoing video programming for the web.

VISIONMILL is known as an "ensemble boutique" production house. We work for clients who demand the best with costs remaining at manageable levels.

Why "ensemble"? Each project is different. Different aesthetic requirements, different equipment requirements and different budgets. Unlike the majority of production houses we do not force clients to use one camera system or one set of staff. Instead we look at the requirements of the job and then tailor the equipment and the team to give the best quality at the lowest cost. This approach was embraced by The Sunday Times (UK), Highland Park (UK) and many others.

To accommodate the variables we assemble hand picked teams for each job ensuring our clients get exactly what they want ON BUDGET. Visionmill does not work on the principle that one team can produce everything as this simply is no longer the case. We call on specialists for every role and we keep budgets very affordable, especially when developing content for the web.

VISIONMILL is made up of a select group of creative industry professionals with experience at the top levels of film, television and new media. Working with the VISIONMILL team is designed to generate the highest quality, most cost-effective work possible. The company offers high production values without the exorbitant overhead or third-party vendor costs that can send projects soaring over budget.

VISIONMILL is equipped with, and has access to, a full compliment of Hi-Def cameras and lenses, plus lighting and grip packages. We offer a fully integrated Hi-Def post-production workflow, with Final Cut Pro offline and online edit suites, an audio suite and color correction services. All VISIONMILL programming is produced in HD and can be delivered in either HD or Standard Definition format.

Looking for the best Quality at the best price for your next project. Contact us. You will be pleasantly surprised.


On this website you will find a sampling of our work listed under case studies along with a description of our brief and deliverables required for each job.

Some of our clients

Med Res / Hi Res

Visionmill Production Boutique

Urban Bourbon Trail
Establishment Hotel
Highland Park
The Sunday Times
The Bourbon Chase
Kentucky Bourbon Festival
Singlemalt TV